Why use mulch?


Mulch insulates, keeping the temperature more steady and protecting the roots from hot spells

and cold snaps.  Mulch also keeps soil moisture from evaporating so you don’t have to water as

often. It shades out weed seeds so they don’t get enough light to sprout. Mulch around a tree

trunk  helps protect bark from string trimmers and lawn mowers. The organic mulch is a food

source as it breaks down to feed microorganisms that in turn nurture plants and make soil a

better home for roots.


Gravel mulch, recycled glass or recycled rubber tires will cover the ground, but won’t improve

soil as organic mulch does and the pieces tend to stray all over the yard. We do yard cleanup

but why not spend it on mulch instead. It is a good idea to replenish mulch periodically to

suppress weed germination and give it a nice fresh new look.


Bulk mulch is measured by the cubic yard. A cubic yard is 27 cubic feet. A general rule of

thought is to maintain approximately 2” of mulch for perennial beds and 4” over tree roots.

One cubic yard will cover about 110 square feet at 3 inches deep.


Bagged mulch is much more expensive, but may be easier to handle, especially if you have no

place for a pile of bulk mulch. If we are installing the mulch, we prefer to remove the mulch

from a dump trailer during install. Give us a call today if you have any questions or would like

to get some mulch delivered or delivered/installed. We do not offer loading or pickup service.

Our mulch is from a highly reputable supplier and you will be happy you made this call.


What is meant by “organicmulch? When referring to mulch, organic means those that are of

plant material.  Mulches are made from a variety of materials including non-organic options

such as rock, plastic and rubber.  Rock mulches compact the soil and  can hold in an excessive

amounts of heat. When should I apply mulch? Most mulching can be done anytime during the

growing season, generally the earlier the better. For winter protection, it is

important to understand you are not trying to keep the soil warm. Mulch around plants and

tress provide a more consistent cold and minimize the alternating freezing and thawing.


Although we specialize in a wide variety of colored mulch we also offer other services at a

reasonable price. One yard or large quantities. We also offer the following products:


  •  Pulverized top soil
  •  Sand
  •  Landscape (decorative) stone


We have a large selection of stone. Do to the weight of stone we can only haul 1-3

yard loads. This only refers to stone.


Delivery only or deliver and spread. Minimum order of $90 plus $10 delivery fee in Green Bay

and the De Pere area. Delivery fee may be waived on larger orders depending on location.


Mulch Prices


  • Cedar bark mulch(Shredded) $30.00
  • Chocolate (Mulch chips) $35.00
  • Hardwood bark mulch (Shredded) $25.00
  • Red Cedar bark (Mulch chips) $35.00
  • Playground chips (Wood mulch) $35.00


Shredded Hardwood (800x600)

Shredded Hardwood

Red Cedar (800x600)

Red Cedar

Shredded Cedar (800x600)

Shredded Cedar

Chocolate Mulch (800x600)

Chocolate Mulch

Playground Chip (800x600)

Playground Chip

Black Mulch

Black Mulch