Residential/ Commercial Lawn Mowing


Real Green Lawn Care is always striving to exceed our customer's expectations. We have a high

customer retention rate and would like to have you as a proud client of ours. We are a small

owner operator with the tools to get the job done right. We are licensed and insured and offer

free estimates. We also offer discounts to senior and disabled clients.


Residential customers are not tied to a binding contract. Our professional service and

courteous staff is what establishes our satisfied customer base. We will mow your lawn when it

needs to be mowed. Weather conditions, time of season, and fertility of soil greatly dictate

how fast your lawn grows. Do you really want a company mowing your lawn once a week even

if it doesn’t need it? Our business is based on quality work at a reasonable price for our



Lawn Care Services


  •  Lawn Mowing
  •  Fertilizer service
  •  Weed Spraying
  •  Spring and Fall Cleanup
  •  Spring dethatching
  •  Core Aeration in Fall




The lack of proper fertility to your soil opens the door for many unwanted weeds. It is much

easier to stay ahead of the weed growth with a good blend of needed nutrients. Nitrogen and

Potassium make up the major core of a well-balanced slow release process. Spring, summer,

and fall all require different objectives in maintain a beautiful and healthy lawn. Our

knowledgeable pesticide applicator is continually involved in the training and class room study

to bring the best service and meeting all legal requirements to our clients.


Weed Control


The process starts with an “on site” analysis of your lawn and an evaluation of the best way to

treat your lawn in an economical and environmentally friendly process. Identification of the weed

pressure and the environment they are growing in will give us the information needed to develop

a weed control plan.


Organic Solutions:


We also offer organic forms of weed control that is more environmental friendly and becoming

increasingly popular. There are many excellent benefits in the implementation of organic

products in your lawn and garden.