Residential / Commercial Bush & Hedge Trimming


Bush, shrub and hedge trimming can be very unpleasant tasks for many homeowners!

DO NOT NEGLECT this project! Overgrowth, woody and unsightly shrubs also lack in the

ability to produce flowers and leaves that made it desirable in the first place.


Trimming and pruning is very important in maintaining healthy and attractive looking plants.

Proper trimming and pruning stimulates new growth and can revitalize poorly maintained plants.

Minimal sunlight and/or ventilation may be causing unnecessary death and decay of lower branches.


Most bushes, hedges and shrubs require trimming or pruning at least once a year to maintain

its original beauty. Overgrowth, woody and unsightly plants also lack the ability to produce

the flowers and leaves that made it attractive to you in the first place. Proper maintenance is also

much less expensive than removal and starting over.


Rounded shrubs and hedges are easier to accomplish that straight lines and are preferable 

in most situations. Rounded shrubs may also shed snow better than flat top resulting in less 



Shrub Removal


We at Green Bay Real Green, LLC also do shrub removal. This project often times requires a

bobcat to pull the bushes from the ground. Great care is used to minimize lawn damage and

may require putting down plywood as a protective measure. 




No matter the size of your project, large or small, you can be absolutely assured of a clean

area when your project is completed. 


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